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논문 상세정보

건축설계에서 융합설계를 위한 디지털 모델과 물리 모델의 역할과 상호보완성 - 건축설계 회사와 교육환경의 사례를 중심으로

Synergies between Digital Models and Physical Models in Convergence Design - Case Studies using Projects of Architectural Firms and Educational Environments -


This paper is to explore examples of complementary use of digital and physical models. The reason for this is to suggest a method for commercializing architectural design considering high technology. These cases are the practical and educational environment in which design processes based on digital computation technology are performed. Also, in this environment, analog design media (eg, physical models) still being used in the design process using digital computing. Indeed, in this environment, designers are exploiting digital and physical models to address the types of risks that can be discovered when designs are implemented and these risks. By analyzing these cases, we define the roles of digital and physical models to visualize and resolve risks. This paper focuses on one of method as "prototyping", which is used in the field of machinery and is a difficult method to carry out in the conventional design process. In particular, designers look for benefits that encourage designers in utilizing current digital computation technologies (eg, parametric design, simulation, building information models, and digital fabrication). Among the roles of the physical model, roles that can not be replaced by the digital model are explored. It is clear that this case-based study has difficulty in generalizing the design method. However, it helps the designers of today's practical and educational environment to verify and design the actual details of construction and operation when applying and developing unfamiliar materials and methods in the field of architecture.

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