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We report an analysis of two poorly studied eclipsing binary stars, GSC 04396-00605 and GSC 04395-00485 (recently named V455 Dra and V454 Dra, respectively). Photometric data of the two stars were obtained using the 1-m Korean telescope of the LOAO operated by KASI while monitoring the cataclysmic variable DO Dra in the frame of the Inter-Longitude Astronomy (ILA) project. We derived periods of 0.434914 and 0.376833 days as well as initial epochs JD 2456480.04281 and JD 2456479.0523, respectively, more accurate than previously published values by factors 9 and 6. The phenomenological characteristics of the mean light curves were determined using the New Algol Variable (NAV) algorithm. The individual times of maxima/minima (ToM) were determined using the newly developed software MAVKA, which outputs accurate parameters using "asymptotic parabola" approximations. The light curves were approximated using phenomenological and physical models. In the NAV algorithm, the phenomenological parameters are well determined. We derived physical parameters using the Wilson-Devinney model. In this model, the best-fit parameters are highly correlated, thus some of them were fixed to reasonable values. For both systems, we find evidence for the presence of a cool spot and estimate its parameters. Both systems can be classified as overcontact binaries of EW type.


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