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논문 상세정보

초등학교 저학년 학생의 음주예방행위 예측변수 측정도구 개발 - Ajzen의 계획적 행위이론 기반

Development of a Scale for Alcohol Drinking Prevention Behavior in Early Elementary School Based on Ajzen's Theory of Planned Behavior


Purpose: This study aimed to develop a scale to measure variables related to alcohol drinking prevention behavior in early elementary school, based on the theory of planned behavior. Methods: A scale was developed to measure variables related to alcohol drinking prevention behavior. Initial items for direct evaluation were constructed through a literature review, and those for belief-based indirect measure were generated through interviews with 30 second- and third-grade elementary school students. The collected data from 286 third-grade elementary school students were then subjected to item analysis, exploratory and confirmative factor analysis, criterion-related validity testing, and internal consistency assessment. Results: The final scale consisted of 35 items. Intention, attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control explained 82.7% of the variance; behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs, and control beliefs explained 65.6% of the variance; and evaluation of outcome, motivation to comply, and power of control beliefs explained 72.8% of the variance. The confirmatory factor analysis indicated that the theoretical models had a satisfactory goodness of fit. Criterion-related validity was confirmed between the direct evaluation variables and the indirect measure variables (attitudes r=.64, p<.001; subjective norms r=.39, p<.001; perceived behavioral control r=.62, p<.001). Cronbach's α was .89 for the direct evaluation variables and .93 for the indirect measure variables. Conclusion: The scale developed in this study is valid and reliable. It could be used to measure and explain variables related to alcohol drinking prevention behavior in early elementary school.

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