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논문 상세정보

수치해석을 이용한 이그루탄약고 저장 탄약의 표면결로 현상 분석

An Analysis of the Surface Condensation of Stored Ammunition in a Igloo-Magazine with Using Numerical Method


A form of a Igloo-magazine is mostly used in military. It is reinforced concrete construction, and it offers a good hiding and a cover from enemies because upper part of it was managed by covering up seed with soil. However, the humidity inside of a Igloo-magazine is increased during the rainy season in summer. It causes the condensation effect, so it rusts the surface of stored ammunitions. This makes a tremendous loss of fighting power because this increases the maintenance price range for ammunitions and the use factor for military base. This research is the first step for suggesting the plan to decrease surface condensation of store ammunitions, and it is for regulating the form, the method of storing and suitable amount of new ammunition with using previous numerical method and with finding out the correlativity among temperature, humidity, air current, storing ammunitions in a Igloo-magazine. Accordingly, thermal environmental mechanism in a Igloo-magazine could be found out, and also it was realized that to restrain the condensation with using natural ventilation was restrictive through the research. The biggest reason for it is over storing of ammunitions compare to the storing space which restrains the air circulation in a Igloo-magazine. After this, two plans can be predicted based on the result of the research, and the first one is to apply the optimum storing amount and method that can suggest the new structural form and decrease the condensation for each structural form based on present storing amount and method.

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