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논문 상세정보

혈액투석환자의 스트레스, 상태불안, 가족지지, 의료진과의 관계와 수면 장애

Stress, State Anxiety, Family Support, Patient Provider Relationship and Sleep Disturbance of Hemodialysis Patient

Journal of The Korean Data Analysis Society v.16 no.4 , 2014년, pp.2161 - 2175  

Patients who require hemodialysis have to live with many complications and accept restrictions and continuously communicate with health care providers. Of all, sleep disturbance is the most common complaint. This research is to provide a basic data to develop a nursing intervention program and to identify factors which influence sleep disturbance by recognizing a relation between stress, state anxiety, family support, patient provider relationship. The study design was a cross sectional descriptive study and the data was collected on 10th September to 18th December 2013 with a structured questionnaire from 186 patients on dialysis in Kyung-gi province. As a research finding, there were differences in spouse, economic status, dialysis period, number of medications, number of coexist disease, exercise, alcohol drinking, cohabitation in accordance with sleep disturbance. Stress, state anxiety, family support, patient provider relationship, economic status, exercise were the significant factors and explained 43.8% of sleep disturbance. Stress was the most explicable variable. Thus, there should be further development of professional nursing strategies that can intervene sleep disturbance by reducing stress considering these variables.

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