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논문 상세정보

최근발간된 한국 어린이 잡지의 분석

A Survey on Children's Magazines in Korea


The magazine in mordern society is a powerful mass-media. Children are generally interested in magazines, which are relatively in expensive, readily and reguarly, and easy to read. The research chose 5 children's magazines published in Korea in 1973 for close analysis. The Sonyon (Youth) was found to be closer to a pure literary reading for children; the Sae Sonyon (New youth) and Sonyonsegeh (World of the youth) were purposes oriented toward popular amusement purposes carrying a great number of catoons; the Sonyon Chungang (Chungang youth) carried too many advertisements; and the Okae Dong Mu (Rear group) was rather weak in contents in fine contrast with its colourful appearance. The following characteristics were generalized from analysis of the five children's magazines published in Korea: (1) The function of periodic information dissemination was very weak, feared in danger of being wiped out. : (2) The educative and guidance function was found rather weak. (3) Economic motives seemed stronger in spite of the expressed zeal for missions of magazine. (4) In terms of contents variety was lackey, with little individuality for each magazine. (5) Generally emphasis was given to pictoral contents rather than to reading articles.

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