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논문 상세정보

선박의 파랑중 부가저항 계산법에 관한 연구

On the Prediction Method of Added Resistance of Ships in Regular Head Waves


Through the momentum considerations, added resistance of a ship in regular waves are studied within the framework of the linear potential theory for a ship moving with a constant mean forward speed. In this paper, added resistance in head waves with comparably small wave length is focused by modifying the Marou's method. The strength of the singularities for the Kochin function is modified by considering the diffraction potentials. Slender body theory is used to determine the diffraction potentials as Adachi did. The response of a ship motion is found by using new strip method. For the purpose of comparison with the present method, calculation was also conducted by Marou's and Gerritsma-Beukelman's method. Numerical calculations are performed for five different models, that is, series 60(Cb=0.6, 0.7, 0.8), S7-175 container ship and blunt bow model. Numerical results obtained by the present method show relatively good corelations comparing with experimental results in the region under considerations.

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