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논문 상세정보

한국인의 요로결석과 식이의 상관성 고찰

A Study on Relationship between Urinary Stone Patients and Dietary Intake in Korean People


The study analyzes relationship between Increasing tendency of urinary stone patients and changes of food intake through statistical data during recent 10 years(1982∼1991) in Korea. In four university hospitals, the number of urinary stone patients increased 2.5 times during the period. Study statistics showed sex ratio of male and female patient as 2.1 : 1.The types of the urinary stone of each patient were broad and mostly Ca and others(85.8%), and Ca oxalate stones were 65.2%. The incidence of patients with hypercalciuria and hyperuricosuria was observed in the Ca stone patients than in normal person. The same period showed increase of total monthly household expenditure as 3.2 times, food as 2.5 times and medical expenses as 2.4 times : The food expenditure decreased relatively In the expenditure composition. Daily hood consumption (g/person) increased as 3 times in meat, 4 times in milk, 2.4 times in seaweeds. Daily total Ca nutrition consumption was undulant and became 1.1 times during the same period. Daily food supply (g/person) was increased 1.9 times in meat, 1.4 times in spinach. However, anchovy, laver, brown seaweed, herring and makerel showed undulant tendency. Relationship (correlation coefficient) between the increase of urinary stone patients and of food intake were studied as follows. In the case of food intake, the relative index was 0.923 in seaweeds, 0.865 in meat and 0.대27 In milk And In food supply, the relative index was 0.855 in purine group which constitute meat, anchovy, herring and makerel. The relative index of Ca components which constitute anchovy, laver, brown seaweed and shrimp was 0.270. In the case of nutrition intake, the relative index was medium in protein(r: 0.443) and In animal protein (r: 0.488) but was negative in Ca(r: -0.028).


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