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논문 상세정보

대단위 아파트단지에 있어서 조경공간의 관리실태에 관한 연구 -대 구시 지산지구 아파트단지를 대상으로

A Study on the Management Condition of Exterior Space in APT. Complex -In the Case of GISAN APT. Complex in DAEGU-


The Purpose of this study was to obtain data about management of the landscape plants and facility in APT. complex. Because of be completed 2 years ago, landscape plants ware damaged by transplantation and lost the nature tree shape. As well, the management conditions of plants and facility were wholly bad. In details, tree-species consisted of 52 species arbors and 35 species shrubs in APT. complex. The high rank 5 species were planted as main plants. The rates were 45.6-62.8% in arbors and 81.8-97.0% in shrubs. In the degree of tree shape and damage by diseuse and pest, the bad level of 1-2points were ranked highly as 13.9% and 10.4%. In the degree of tree shape and damage by disease and pest, the bad level of 1-2points were showed as 5.1% and 4.7%. In the interview Survey, the main problems of management-maintenance were expressed deficiency of budget, specialist and concern of residents. In the future, methods for the intensive management of APT. complex; First, the management of landscape plants and facility should be attained by a expert and need to establishment of maintenance scheme thoroughly. Above all, for improvement of residential life, we should be lead to convert of a resident recognition in the management -maintenance of exterior space.

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