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논문 상세정보

일상생활에서 스트레스원과 대처방안에 관한 일반청소년과 비행청소년의 비교연구

A Comparative Study of Average Youth and Juvenile Delinquent about the Life Stressors and Coping


The purpose of this study is to examine aspects stressors experienced by adolescents and make a comparison of their coping in terms of criteria of average and delinquent, male and female. The subjects were 506 adolescents of 2nd grade high school in Taejon and delinquent in D,A city. The data was analyzed by mean, standard deviation, two way ANOVA, and correlation analysis. The main results of this study were as follows: (a) It was found that regardless and behavior patterns, adolescents feel stress by pocket maney problem, relationship with teachers, and mental health(in the descending order). It is interesting to note that the stress from girl and boy friends proved to be much higher with delinquent adolescents than with average ones. In the case of subcategories of health, family relationship, and school life, it was found that average adolescents feel more stress than delinquents ones, whereas the reverse is case with the problem of relationship with relatives, school friends, and girl or boy friends. On the other hand, it was discoved that for the problem of physical and mental health, pocket money, parent and school friend relationships, females feel more stress than males. (b) With the differences of the coping og stress, it was found that while average adolescents as a whole tend to rely upon logical analysis and positive attitude, delinequent counterparts expect alternative reward and reveal the avoidance coping of emotional discharge. (c) The correlation between the stressors and coping showed partial differences, as the differences in the relation between average and delinquent adolescents, males and females in each sub-category.

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