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논문 상세정보

납 중독 랫드의 말초신경내 myo-inositol 수송 체계에 관한 연구

A study on myo-inositol transport system in peripheral nerve isolated from lead-intoxicated rat.


In our previous studies, we reported that lead intoxicated nerve cell by inhibition of the Na$^{+}$-K$^{+}$ ATPase activity and reduction of myo-inositol in nerve cell. As the second series of experiments, in order to understand toxic mechanism of lead for nerve cell, the characteristics of myo-inositol transport system and the effect of lead on its system have been studied in the sciatic nerves of control and lead-treated rats. A lead intoxicated animal model was induced by feeding diet containing lead to Sprague-Dawley rat for two weeks. Four weeks aged Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three group : normal control group, 10ppm-lead treated group, 100ppm-lead treated group. All rats were sacrified at the end of two weeks. The rate o myo-inositol transport by sciatic nerve isolated from lead-treated rat was significantly decreased compared with that of control rat. This deficit results from that myo-inositol transport system which is carrier mediated and sodium-potassium dependent was inhibited by the lead treatment (both 10ppm and 100ppm) due to increase of the Km value without affecting Vmax value for myo-inositol carrier. These observations suggest that the toxic mechanism of lead on nerve myo-inositol transport system might be a change of affinity without change of maximum transport velocity for carrier.

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  1. Chung, Myung-Kiu ; Kang, Soon-Kook ; Kim, Myung-Nyu 2000. "Preventive Mechanism of Sodium Molybdate Against Peripheral Neurotoxicity of Lead" 한국환경과학회지 = Journal of the environmental sciences, 9(3): 209~214 

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