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논문 상세정보

파랑하중에 의한 해저지반의 공극수압 변화에 대한 연구

An Experimental Study on the Variation of Pore Water Pressures in the Seabed Subjected to Waves


For the geotechnical analysis in the construction and Deign of the coastal structures, one of the most important factors is the existence of waves. The dynamic behavior and deformation of the seabed subjected to wave load must be considered. It is expected that the soil behavior in the seabed subjected to cyclic wave load is much different from that on the ground subjected to dynamic forces such as earthquake. The purposes of this study are as follows ; Firstly, to provide a testing method to generate wave loads in the laboratory and measuring oscillatory pore water pressures in the unsaturated marine silty sand specimen, Secondly, to analyze the mechanism of wave induced pore water pressures and liquefaction potentials under the conditions in the testing. It is shown that the test set-up manufactured especially for the test is good to generate oscillatory wave pressures to the specimen with sine wave type. From the results of this study, it is understood that the pore water pressure due to induced waves is not accumulated as the wave number increases but is periodically varied with wave passage on still water surface. The magnitude of pore water pressures measured tends to be diminished radically with a certain time lag under the action of both high and low waves as depth increases.

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