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논문 상세정보


The effects of dopants on the modification of microstructure of UO$_2$ and UO$_2$-4wt%CeO$_2$ sintered pellets have been studied in hydrogen and $CO_2$/CO mixture atmospheres by using $Ta_2O_5$, TiO$_2$ and $Nb_2O_5$ as sintering additives. The dopant were added as oxide powders and homogenized by attrition milling. The mixed powders were pressed, and then sintered in hydrogen at 1$700^{\circ}C$ , or in oxidizing atmosphere using Controlled $CO_2$/CO mixtures at 125$0^{\circ}C$. Both density and microstructure of UO$_2$ are modified by the addition of dopants in reducing atmosphere. The sintered density is increased with $Ta_2O_5$ addition up to 0.33wt% and subsequently decreased with higher content of the additive. The effect on the densification and the gain growth are apparent with the addition of 0.24wt% $Nb_2O_5$. With 0.lwt% titania and 0.6wt% $Ta_2O_5$, the sintered density is decreased, but the grain size is increased. In oxidizing atmosphere, the grain sizes for UO$_2$ doped with the above additives are smaller than that for pure UO$_2$. The grain size of Ta or Nb-doped UO$_2$ is decreased with increasing $CO_2$/CO ratio, but that of pure UO$_2$or T-doped UO$_2$ is increased. A large portion of second phases is observed in UO$_2$ doped with 0.lwt% TiO$_2$ sintered in hydrogen atmosphere, while, in $CO_2$/CO atmospheres, the second phases or dopant agglomerates are not observed. For UO$_2$-4wt%CeO$_2$ mixed oxide, the effect of additives on the gain growth is not so much as that for the pure UO$_2$. This is attributed to the formation of clusters by dopant cations and Ce ions, so that the additives contribute to a lesser exent to the grain growth for the mixed oxide.

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