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논문 상세정보

Ion Implantation으로 Ca를 첨가한 단결정 Al2O3의 Crack-like Pore의 Healing 거동 - I. Crack-like Pore의 형성과 Morphological Evolution

Effect of Ca Implantation on the Sintering and Crack Healing Behavior of High Purity Al2O3 Using Micro-lithographic Technique - I. Formation of Crack-like Pore and Its Morphological Evolution


Controlled Ca impurity implanted inner crack-like pore in the high purity alumina single crystal, sapphire, had been created by micro-fabrication technique, which includes ion implantation, photo-lithography, Ar ion milling, and hot press technique. The morphological change and the healing of cracklike pore in Ca doped high purity single crystal alumina, sapphire, during high temperature heat treatment in vacuum were observed using optical microscopy. The dot-like surface roughening was developed and hexagon like crystal appeared on inner surface of crack-like pore after heat treatment. Bar type crystals, probably CaO.6Al2O3, were observed on the inner surface after 1 hour heat treatment at 1, 50$0^{\circ}C$, but this bar type crystal disappeared after 1 hour heat treatment at 1, $600^{\circ}C$. This disappearance means that there should be a little increase of Ca solubility limit to alumina at this temperatures.

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