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논문 상세정보

실내 건축 설계를 위한 CAD 소프트웨어 개발에 관한 연구-CAD로부터 가상현실 GRAPHIC PROGRAM으로의 전환을 통하여

A Study on the Development of Computer Aided Design Software for Interior Architectural Design-From CAD(Computer Aided Design) to Virtual Reality of Transforting


What's the direction of INTERIOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN in 21 Century High Tech\ulcorner The purpose of this research is to show not only practical use of Computer Graphic(CG) as simple tool function, but offering conversation with computer and other ways of method. When we consider poor CG market, investment on the research of VR(Virtual Reality) is the most urgent. The investment on VR will solve various problems. Firstly. It will solve the problems drived from Interior design process by making spatial images like reality. Secondly, It will solve high wages and financial difficulties caused by raise cost funds. Thirdly, It prevents in a road from foreign company that will bring enormous program, caused by opening the domestic market. Also, It help interior designer check in advance the problems in constructure through showing him a supposed imagination including the system and location of equipments. But it is reality that even ordinary American can't offer VR(Virtual Reality) System. We should have noted that it is normal to spend 10 billion won for such presentation as Model House in the large corporation. We must acknowledge that it is such a waist of money nationally. Therefore, investment on CG & VR System is essential in order to save cost more effective presentation & interior design. We will see great result within a year. As we can see, there is huge area we have make develop. One of them is specific technical plan on VR System and study of flow chart. We close with simple methodological way to use VR System and will study Computer System. Which is fitting to CG that we have to solve the link of hardware and software on VR System\ulcorner We know from the cases in other countries that continuous research on this subject has great value for Interior Architectural Design and its effective use. When we try hard not only for methodological use but practical use, the purpose of CG and VR System will be a factor to contribute on this subject for better Interior design & presentation.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Paik, Hern 1998. "A Stady for Design and drawing Method of Interior 3D-View -A study for design method of Interior 3D-View in the program of Adobe Photoshop-" 한국실내디자인학회 논문집 = Journal of Korean Institute of Interior Design, 14(): 19~26 


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