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논문 상세정보

소규모 상업공간에 있어서 파사드의 구성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Composition of Facade in the Small Commercial Building


If you compare recent works in small commercial places along with the terms such as Post-Modernism, Late-Modernism, and Dismantling, to those of 60's and 70's, you will discover for sure that recent works try to model individually with 'surface'. Expressing the responses to the multilateral cultural desires is available through the organization of surface, so are the re-presentationsof classic notions by adding decorations to the vertical walls, which are different from modern constructions that have persisted on only space itself as a main point. These trends are various organizing techniques with forms, decorations, materials, color etc. and made the surface modeling develop. What a 'surface element' means as a concrete notion in a design process in a commercial place is enormous. So, it implies lots of notions and logic, and can be a strong message-conveying means as well as an expressional language. At this point of view, the research was limited to Facade, which is treated as a creational object to a designer all the time in order to study what kind of system the surface organization has in a small commercial place. This is to find out what kind of system the designer uses to make the spatial images, orders and forms through surface, but ultimately it is to discover the designer's basic tecniques that he or she uses when planning. To sum up, we have studied the meanings of the composition and the changes of the organization of Facade to analyze the organizing techniques in Pasad in a small commercial construction which designers planned as material. We have also investigated the organizing techniques of surface by examining and analyzing the elements of Facade organizing techniques, i.e. its form, decoration, material, pattern and color.

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