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논문 상세정보

DHA 보충이 영아의 적혈구 지방산조성과 두뇌발달에 미치는 영향

The Effects of DHA-Supplemented Formula on the Fatty Acid Composition of Erythrocyte and Brain Development in Full-Term Infants


Omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid(DHA) is found in a high proportion in the structural lipids of cell membranes, in particular those of the central nervous system and the retina. Diet-induced changes in fatty acid composition in these tissues may affect physiochemical functions. This study was conducted to investigate whether supplements of DHA in infant formula has an effect on the composition of fatty acids in erythrocytes with regard to brain development. Experimental groups were breastmilk group(n=21), placebo formula group(n=15), and DHA supplemented formula (0.26%) group(n=16). Infants were selected by mothers who deliverecdd at Kyung Hee medical center from February to April, 1996. Infant body weight, length, and head circumference were similar among the experimental groups at 16 weeks of age. The levels of DHA in breastmilk, placebo formula, and DHA supplemented formula were 0.56, 0, and 0.26% of total fatty acids, respectively. There was a significant correlation between dietary DHA intake and erythrocyte DHA levels. The levels of arachidonic acid did not differ among the three expermental groups. The result of flash visual evoke potential(VEP) test was correlated with the erythrocyte levels and dietary DHA levels at 16 weeks of age. No other fatty acid was correlated with VEP test results. No differences were found in Bayley Mental and Psychomotor Development Index scores among the three groups at 20 weeks of age. DHA seems to be an essential nutrient for optimum growth and maturation of term infants. Relatively small amounts of dietary DHA supplementation significantly elevate DHA supplementation significantly elevate DHA content in erythrocytes, which in turn has an implication for better scores for infant's VEP test. Whether supplementation of formula-fed infants with DHA has long-term benefits remains to be elucidated.

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