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논문 상세정보


Bioequivalence of two aceclofenac tablets, the $Airtal^{TM}$ (Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) and the $Senital^{TM}$ (Hana Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.), was evaluated according to the guideline of KFDA. Fourteen normal male volunteers (age $20{\sim}29$ years old) were divided into two groups and a randomized $2{\times}2$ cross-over study was employed. After one tablet containing 100 mg of aceclofenac was orally administered, blood was taken at predetermined time intervals and the concentration of aceclofenac in plasma was determined with an HPLC method using UV detector. The pharmacokinetic parameters ($C_{max}$, $T_{max}$ and $AUC_t$) were calculated and ANOVA was utilized for the statistical analysis of parameters. The results showed that the differences in $C_{max}$, $T_{max}$ and $AUC_t$ between two tablets were 3.69%, 2.44% and 0.51%, respectively. The powers $(1-{\beta})$ for $C_{max}$, $T_{max}$ and $AUC_t$ were 87.85%, 98.70% and more than 99%, respectively. Detectable differences $({\Delta})$ and confidence intervals were all less than ${\pm}20%$. All of these parameters met the criteria of KFDA for bioequivalence, indicating that $Senital^{TM}$ tablet is bioequivalent to $Airtal^{TM}$ tablet.

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