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논문 상세정보

지역 사회 자원 봉사 실태 연구-강원지역

A Study on the Utilization of the Volunteer Service in a Rural Community


The purpose of this study was to investigate the activities of woman volunteers. The sample consisted of 626 woman volunteers working in 18 districts in Kangwon province. The questionnaires consists of three parts: The first part of the questionnaire addresses demographic information. The second part of the questionnaire asks the feelings of subjects concerning volunteer activities (15 items). The third part of the questionnaire was to explore their perspectives of volunteer activities. An SAS was used for frequency. F-test, and a Pearson Correlation. The results of this study were as follows: 1. Most of the subjects were in their 40's(37.7%) and 10.7% were under age 20. About two thirds(69.8%) were housewives, the Buddhists were the highest religious groups (34.9%). Most of the subjects(36.7%) worked at Red-Cross. 2. Most of the subjects(56.8%) have nuclear families. 3. The subjects worked most frequently was at the Social Welfare Center, followed by homes, and welfare centers. 4. The most frequently used direct service was conversation(38.2%) followed by assistance with the eating process. 5. About thirty-nine percent of the subjects had less than one year of experience, and the majority of subjects had volunteer service once per week. 6. There was a significant relationship among age, number of family, duration of volunteer service, and experience. Integrated service will be needed to connect home health nursing with welfare service.

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