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논문 상세정보

119구급대의 간호사 배치여부에 따른 응급처치 실태

Emergency Care Conditions where the Nurse is posted in the 119 Relief Squad


The purpose of this study is to identify the difference of emergency care conditions where the nurse is posted in the 119 relief squard or not. The data composed a total of 777 cases of emergency activity of one police stand in Seoul during March, June. September and December in 1998. The results of this study were as follows: 1. The age of the subjects was 20-60 age 54.3%, over 60 age 35.4% with an average age of 50.2. Among them men were 55.0%, the unemployed were 60.8%. The place of the occurrence of an accident was the house, 49.7% and the cause as illness was 59.6%. 2. The main symtom was pain the 36.2% the main consciousness state was alert 76.9%: The state of the patients as chronic was 59.6%. 3. The consulting hospital of the 119 relief squad as a third medical center was 79.9%. The distance to the medical center as less than 5 km was 77.2%, and an average transfer distance was 5.38 km. The cases of doctor guided emergency care was 0.9%, the cases that had posted nurses in 119 relief squads was 48.6%. 4. The case of the best emergency care operation was difficulty in breathing, 62.1% and the second was unconsciousness, 46.1 %. The more serious the consciousness state, the higher the rate of emergency care operation. There wasn't any difference in emergency care operation concerning transfer distance. 5. The cases that had the posted nurses was 19.1%, the cases of no nurse was 11.7% among the cases of emergency care operation during transfering; the cases that had posted nurses had the higher emergency care operation. (p<0.05). Airway maintenance was 14.8% in cases that had the posted nurses, while in the cases of no nurse, 10.9%; and oxygen inspiration was 16.0% in cases that had the posted nurses while in the cases of no nurse 7.6% (p<0.01); spinal fixation was 6.6% in cases that had the posted nurses while in the cases of no nurse 4.6%(p<0.05). With these results, we can conclude that the cases that had the posted nurse showed higher emergency care operation.

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