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논문 상세정보

밀양(密陽) 경덕단(景德壇)과 만운재(萬雲齋)의 건축적 특성 - 근대한옥의 성격을 중심으로

A study on the Architectural Characteristics of Kyungduk-Dan and Manun-Jae in Miryang -Mainly about the Characterics of Traditional Houses in modern era(1876-1945)-


This study is for the Kyungduk-Dan(as a altar of Milsung-Daegun) and The Manun-Jae the characteristics(lay out and planning, window patterns, structure, materials) of the the Korean traditional house during the modern era. Before Manun-Jae was used for the house. The Kyungduck-Dan was constructed in August according to the Lunar Calender in 1927. The Manun-Jae(house for Ki-hun Kang, millionaire ) was completed in 1924. Modern Architectures brought to Korea with the bricks, the tiles, the flash doors, the plate grasses, the brass hardwares. These architectural material was used in positive. During the construction of Manun-Jae in 1924, it happened the architectural exchage among a korean, a chinese and a japanese constructor. Though using the air exhaust valve at the kitchen of Ukyung-Kak( old Anchae), it could be assume that the modern convenience and the improvement of residential environments was considered at that period during the construction of Manun-Jae. That construction was elected with the brick($222mm{\times}106mm{\times}50mm$), the chinese colored tile and plate glass such a modem materials. The new shape of the korean lattice window and the wooden flash-door with glass was used. In Ukyung-Kak, the Chan-Maru(service space) and the kitchen such as a service space or concise utility zone was organically connected. Especially, considered the domesitic activity and circulation, the western kitchen sink and the Chan-Maru(service space) was rationally placed. At the Manun-Jae and the Kyungduck-Dan, the architectural characteristic is that the new shape of windows was used. The lattice window at the Ondol room of Ukyung-Kak, was rgadually added the plate glass and the wood plate. The lattice window with the grid shape at kitchen of that building was adapted japanese grid lattice window in korea at that period. It is the sample that korean traditional house was typically influenced from the japanese resident culture. The Manun-Jae and the Kyungduck-Dan as the modern house kept the form of korean traditional architecture, and was partially adapted a modern characteristic space and modern architectural materials. During the japanese occupancy, these residence can be showed the transition in formally.

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