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Background and Objectives : Patients with so-called 'functional voice disorders' who have structurally normal larynges and demonstrate muscle misuse in the larynx, and those with several interacting causes including habitual muscle tension, are probably better defined as having a 'muscle misuse voice disorder'. The purpose of this study was to analyze the voice and effectiveness of voice therapy in patients with functional voice disorders and to provide a guide for the treatment of functional voice disorder. Materials and Method : The records of 35 patients, presenting with functional voice disorder and receiving voice therapy during October, 2001 to September, 2002, were reviewed. Prior to voice therapy, the stroboscopic examination of their larynx, aerodynamic and acoustic analysis was done. The results of voice therapy were compared according to the patient's subjective, perceptual evaluation of voice, and maximal phonation time. Results : Patient's subjective, perceptual evaluation, and maximal phonation time showed superior results after voice therapy. Conclusion : The result of this study indicates that voice therapy is an effective treatment method of patients with functional voice disorder, especially muscular tension dysphonia.


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