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논문 상세정보

Knitted Glass Fabric 강화 복합레진을 사용한 고정성 치과보철물에 대한 적용성 평가



Current dental restorations present a relatively weak resistance to fracture. Owing to their unique mechanical properties, fibre-reinforced polymers are now being considered. Unidirectional or woven continuous fibres, made of glass, polyethylene, carbon or Kevlar, have been evaluated. This study focused on the use of glass fibre knitted fabrics to reinforce acrylate resins, in order to investigate the possibility to construct single crowns as well as three unit bridges. Some points affecting the final composite system were tested ; 1) static strength, with focus on the stress transfer under a occlusal contact point ; 2) modelling of a three nit bridge ; 3) fatigue strength as a posterior three unit bridge material. The study demonstrated that knitted fabric reinforcements are showing an interesting compromise between stiffness, static strength for single crown. For three unit bridge applications in the posterior arch, however knitted glass fabric reinforcements were not strong enough in fatigue An additional reinforcement in the posterior arch fixed partial denture design was recommended.

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