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논문 상세정보

예안(禮安) 군자리(君子里)의 후조당(後彫堂) 연구(硏究

A Study on Hoojo-dang in Gunja-ri, Yeaan


Hoojo-dang is the Beol-dang of Gwangsan Kim's family in Gunja-ri, Yeaan This study aims to reconstruct the architectural drawings of the building through actual measurement, and by investigating documentary records of Kim's family, to trace and infer when the building was originally constructed. In doing this, it enables to identify and describe the architectural types and characteristics. The results are as follows, 1) Hoojo-dang was established in 1567 by Kim Bu-pil(1516-1577). From the beginning, Hoojo-dang, Byeol-myo(family shrine) and Ju-sa(shrine kitchen) were situated in the separate area from An-chae(main building). Later the Ik-rang(additional transept part) of Hoojo-dang was added to its main body as a room for entertainment. 2) The types of floor plan and windows of Hoojo-dang are similar to those of the lecture halls of Dosan-seowon, Sosu-seowon and Yeaan-hyangyo nearby. The main reason for the similarity of floor plan and window types in those buildings is that the students of the great Korean Confucian, Lee Hwang in 16th, managed and controlled those constructions. 3) The separate area composed of Hoojo-dang, Byeol-myo and Ju-sa was mainly designed for satisfying Confucian ceremonial principles. In addition, there are lifting doors designed for elevating the spatial flexibility.

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