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논문 상세정보

스팸메일 방지를 위한 제도적 기술적 해결방안에 관한 연구

The Study about Solution for The Protection of Spam Mails


Spam mail is one of the side effect of the development and improvement of the internet that restrains the privacy of the individual on line. However indiscriminate application of Spam mail blocking can also cause significant violation on freedom of doing business to the fluent commercial transactions on line. Therefore this research looks at the exact understanding of the concept of Spam mail and inquiry on Its issues. Also it looks at the case studies of its institutional solutions in USA and Europe as well as the advantage and disadvantage of the case studies on its technical solution. Finally, the research inquires into overall prevention of Spam mail, which considers both technical and institutional soiution. With this research, limitations of current Spam mail prevention system and technology are pointed out and more effective course of overall Spam mail prevention solution is studied.


#Spam Mail   #Privacy  

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