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논문 상세정보

World Class SI 기업으로의 도약 : 핵심 경쟁력 확보를 위한 R&D 모델 개발

A R&D Model for Korean SI Companies' International Competitiveness


This thesis suggests a R&D model for Korean SI companies who aggressively drive oversea business to overcome domestic market limitation and to become world class SI players. Even though there have been a lot of discussions on IT technologies and new business models, scientific approach to a R&D model for SI companies is rare due to its natural distinctiveness from manufacturing and general service domain. Therefore, this will be a flagship thesis to keep up our study. As business market environment gets more competitive, major Korean SI players will be confronted with much more keen competition among themselves. And as they are willing to expand their oversea market presence, they can not help struggling against global SI players. So, here we are presenting SI players the reinforcement of R&D as one of the key components to build up their own core competencies. That is, SI players have to adopt and evaluate fast changing and complicated IT technologies at the right time, and to apply them into a real business with cost-effective service delivery and operation processes internally. The ultimate purpose of all of these activities is to offer a SI company the value added business model based on its innovative technical capabilities and well refined service deliver model. For this purpose, we suggests, SI company's R&D has to play an important role of emerging technology verification/evaluation/utilization, value added business model creation, future innovation lead, standard body participation, and effective service delivery and quality system development. To become a more effective R&D organization, hybrid R&D, in which central R&D and divisional sub R&D work together, is considered as an idea model. The reliability of the R&D model for Korean SI companies', here we suggest, has been checked by SI companies R&D specialists and on-site business people.

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