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논문 상세정보


Purpose: This study attempted to see the trend of researches in nursing old people. Method: We analyzed a total of 105 articles that were published in The Journal of Korean Community Nursing, J. Korean Community Health Nursing Academic Society. The J. of Korea Acad. Soc. of Home Care Nursing from 1987 to June 2003. Result: 1. It was found that researches on old people nursing had increased every year since 1995 and most largely in 1995$\sim$1999. 2. It was known that the majority of researches were designed to be non-experimental and their subjects were old people over 65 living at home. 3. Nursing interventions used in experimental studies were music therapy and various health promotion programs. 4. Major research concepts are physical activities, mental health, physical health, medical management, social health, quality of life and family health. Conclusion: The number of studies has increased in community nursing journals, but there have been not many studies about polices and management for old people living in community society and suggestions of practical alternatives. Thus it is necessary to carry out more community nursing studies about management and education for old people.

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