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논문 상세정보

발전용 저 NOx 가스터빈의 연소모드 변환시기의 연소특성 전산해석

Numerical Analysis of Combustion Characteristics during Combustion Mode Change of a Low NOx Utility Gas Turbine


Three-dimensional numerical investigations are carried out to understand the combustion characteristics inside a DLN(dry low NOx) utility gas turbine combustor during the combustion mode change period by applying transient fuel flow rates in fuel supply system as numerical boundary conditions. The numerical solution domain comprises the complex combustor liner including cooling air holes, three types of fuel nozzles, a swirl vane, and a venturi. Detailed three-dimensional flow and temperature fields before and after combustion mode changeover have been analyzed. The results may be useful for further studies on the unfavorable phenomena, such as flashback or thermal damage of combustor parts when the combustion mode changes.

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