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논문 상세정보

HPLC/MS/MS를 이용한 French Fries와 스낵류에서의 Acrylamide 함량 분석 및 생성요인

Determination and Generation Factor of Acrylamide Content in the French Fries and Snacks by HPLC/MS/MS


유통 중인 스낵과자 104건에서 acrylamide함량조사 결과는 $236{\pm}322$ ppb로 측정되었으며 제품마다 차이가 크게 나타났다. 스낵과자는 그 원료에 따라 함량에 큰 차이를 나타내어 감자, 밀, 옥수수 순으로 측정되었고 감자스낵을 대상으로 국내산과 수입산의 함량을 조사한 결과 국내산이 약간 높게 측정되었다. 또한 패스트푸드점의 french fries 30건을 대상으로 측정한 acrylamide함량조사 결과는 $378{\pm}221$ ppb이었으며 제조회사별로 함량 차이가 크게 나타났다. French fries의 수분의 양과 acrylamide의 상관계수는 0.55이었고,지방 함량과의 상관계수는 0.25이었다. 제품의 저장에 따른 변화는 크지 않았으며 생산과정에서의 적절한 제조조건의 설정이 acrylamide 저감에 중요함을 알 수 있었다.


The formed acrylamide in many fried and baked starchy foods is in consequence of its formation during frying and preparation methods. Being acrylamide established to be a toxic substance, the implications to public health from amounts found in food are not clear. So this study was carried out to investigate the contents of acrylamide of French fries and snacks in addition to acrylamide formation in relation to water and lipid in foods. The raw materials of foods used in the experiments were wheat, potato, com and rice. The preparation of foods was modified in a little to raise the recovery ratio and contents of water and lipid were analyzed to the public food method. The contents of acrylamide were measured by the liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. The average level of acrylamide produced in snacks is $236{\pm}322$ ppb and potato snacks came out the highest value at $521{\pm}403$ ppb in 104 snacks. The formation of acrylamide in fried food was found to depends on the composition of raw material not on water and lipid contents in food and not on storage period and temperature.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Kim, Jin-Mam ; Choi, Yun-Sang ; Choi, Ji-Hun ; Koo, Bon-Kou ; La, Im-Joung ; Kim, Cheon-Jei 2012. "Effects of Acrylamide Formation and Quality Characteristics Before Frying French Fries" 한국식품조리과학회지 = Korean Journal of Food & Cookery Science, 28(4): 407~412 


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