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The leukemia is caused by with abnormal changes of the hemotopoietic cell and in the various neoplasm group which occurs from lymph organization and the bone marrow occurs disrupts immigrates toward the blood of circumference and a hemotopoiesis and the arm discouragement royal tomb and is a disease which infiltrates with the organization. Western medical diagnosis and classification and presents eastern medicinal demonstration which is confronted in him about the leukemia, eastern medicinal diagnosis and treatment the clinical dissertation against precisely, saw and dissertation precisely tried about leukemia therapeutic effect of the herbal extract, last from conclusion like this dissertation precisely in the base which tries groped the direction of eastern medicinal treatment method research about the leukemia. Eastern medicine approach led about diagnosis and treatment of the leukemia and with leukemia treatment the medical herb which the eastern medicine possesses in development and room sacrifice an eastern medicine theory and the false eye presented the drug which is therapeutic possibility and they presented. The eastern medicine demonstration and therapeutic method is showing the therapeutic ratio which is effective about the leukemia. But according to the patient does a about prescription and therapeutic method differently and the room my composition is complicated and clinical day is consistent decides upon a reproducibility and a therapeutic ratio with difficult point of accumulation, with standardization of therapeutic method has the difficult point of supply. In treatment of the leukemia demonstrates a nature of a disease consequently with theory of eastern medicine and appropriately prescribes endeavors raises a therapeutic ratio and the medical herb and room proposal remedial value, under verifying reveals the clinical trial which is standardized leads and the medical herb and a room sacrifice and the verification and supply of effect and safety are necessary.

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