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논문 상세정보


The authors have investigated the NVH problems of drive system in full vehicle test. However it is difficult to define the NVH problems of driveline system. Since it is hard to measure the rotating part and it is vague that only the drive system induces the NVH problem. Vibration in a driveline is presented in this paper. In the experiment, the rear sub-frame and propeller shafts and axle were composed and mounted with rubber each other. For applying the vibration input instead of the torsional vibration effect of an engine, the shaker was taken. In particular, torsional vibration due to fluctuating forced vibration excitation across the joint between driveline and rear sub-frame was carefully examined. Accordingly, the joint response was checked from experiments and the FE-simulation using FRF (frequency response function) analysis was performed. All test results were signal processed and validated against numerical simulations. In present study, the new test bench for measuring the vibration signal and simulating the vehicle chassis system was proposed. The modal value and the mode shape of components were analyzed using the CAE model to identify the important components affecting driveline noise and vibration. It could be reached that the simplified test bench could be well established and be used for design guide and development of the vehicle chassis components.

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