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논문 상세정보

심층면접을 활용한 위탁급식업체 국제화 추진, 유인 및 상호작용 요인 항목 선정

Identification of Contract Foodservice Management Companies' Push, Pull, and Interactive Push-Pull Factors for Internationalization by In-Depth Interview


The aims of study were to provide basic data for the internationalization of Contract Foodservice Management Companies (CFMC) and to gain a better understanding of internal push-and-pull factors through in-depth interviews. The interviewees were managers of four large CFMCs and one small-to-medium CFMC. The non-structured interview format employed an interview guide of open-ended questions. All interviews were digitally recorded and notes were taken simultaneously by an interview assistant. The narrative data analysis involved transcription, coding, classification by categories, and content analysis. Eighty-eight codes were generated from the interview analyses, and the subordinate variables uncovered included seven push factors, eight pull factors, one interactive factor, and 10 internal dynamics. These factors will be useful in further studies of the internal operations of specific CFMCs, and more generally, the practical condition of the industry.

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