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디지털 이미지 상관관계를 이용한 알루미늄 합금 판재의 성형한계도 평가

Experimental Study on the Forming Limit Curve of Aluminum Alloy Sheets using Digital Image Correlation


Sheet metal formability can be defined as the ability of metal to deform without necking or fracture into desired shape. Every sheet metal can be deformed without failure only up to a certain limit, which is normally known as forming limit curve(FLC). In this paper, the dome stretching tests and tensile tests have been performed to obtain forming limit curve of aluminum alloy. During the experiment, failure strain is measured using digital image correlation(DIC) method. DIC method is a whole-field measurement technique that acquires surface displacements and strains from images information which characterized a random speckle as intensity grey levels. Recently years, this DIC method is being developed and used increasingly in various research. DIC results demonstrated the usefulness and ability to determine a strain.

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