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Ignitor tip is a component of burner to start the burning process in power plant. This is used to ignite the coal to a constant operating state by fuel mixed with air and kerosene. This component is composed of three components so that air and kerosene are mixed in the proper ratio and injected uniformly. Because the parts with the designed shape are manufactured in the machining process, they have to be made of three parts. These parts are designed to have various functions in each part. The mixing part mixes the supplied air and kerosene through the six holes and sends it to the injecting part at the proper ratio. The inject part injects mixed fuel, which is led to have a constant rotational direction in the connecting part, to the burner. And the connecting plate that the mixed fuel could rotate and spray is assembled so that the flame can be injected uniformly. But this part causes problems that are worn by vibration and rotation because it is mechanically assembled between the mixing part and the inject part. In this study, 3D printing method is used to integrate a connecting plate and an inject part to solve this wear problem. The 3D printing method could make this integrated part because the process is carried out layer by layer using a metal powder material. The part manufactured by 3D printing process should perform the post process such as support removal and surface treatment. However, while performing the 3D printing process, the material properties of the metal powders are changed by the laser sintering process. This change in material properties makes the post process difficult. In consideration of these variables, we have studied the optimization of manufacturing process using 3D printing method.

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