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논문 상세정보

이동질량을 고려한 단순지지된 교량의 진동수 및 공진현상 분석

The Effect of Moving Mass on Resonance Phenomenon and Natural Frequency of a Simply Supported Beam


The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of moving mass on the vibration characteristics and the dynamic response of the simply supported beam. The three types of the moving mass(moving load, unsprung mass, and sprung mass) are applied to the vehicle-bridge interaction analysis. The numerical analyses are then conducted to evaluate the effect of the mass, spring and damper properties of the moving mass on natural frequencies and dynamic responses of the simply supported beam. Particularly, in the case of the sprung mass, variations of the natural frequency of simply supported beam are explored depending on the position of the moving mass and the frequency ratio of the moving mass and the beam. Finally the parametric studies on the resonance phenomena are performed with changing mass, spring and damper parameters through the dynamic interaction analyses.

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