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논문 상세정보

여름철 참돔(Pagrus major)의 절식에 따른 생존과 생리적 반응

Effect of Starvation on Survival and Physiological Response in Red Sea Bream Pagrus major in Summer


A 60-day experiment was conducted to determine the effect of feeding and starvation on the survival, growth, and blood parameters of red sea bream Pagrus major. The starved group was not fed during the first 32 days of the experiment and was then fed for 28 days. The growth rate of the starved fish group was significantly lower than that of the fed fish group. Starvation resulted in growth retardation and reductions in final body weight, growth rate, specific growth rate, and condition factor, whereas the fed fish group grew well and maintained a good condition. The growth rate of the starved group that was refed was higher than that of the fed group. Red blood cells, hematocrit, and hemoglobin showed no significant differences between the fed and starved groups. The cortisol and glucose levels of the fed group of juveniles were higher than those of the starved group. The cortisol levels of the starved group of adults were higher than those of the fed group, whereas the glucose levels of the starved group were lower than those of the fed group. These results suggest that the survival, growth, and hematological parameters used to reflect starvation and feeding in this study provide a useful index of physiological response and survival rate in red sea bream.

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