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논문 상세정보

DEA를 활용한 나노기술의 투자분석

Analysis of Investment in Nanotechnology Using DEA


This study aims to objectively measure the efficiency of nanotechnology R&D programs by systematically evaluating the inputs and outputs of nanotechnology R&D activities and to find implications for improving the efficiency of nanotechnology R&D programs. Data on input factors such as R&D investment, R&D manpower, R&D period, and output factors such as paper, patent, and commercialization for R&D projects which started from 2008 or afterwards and ended by 2011 are gathered through National Science and Technology Knowledge Information Service, which are used for efficiency evaluation. In this study, we analyzed R&D efficiency in detailed technology units in depth. The process taken in this study is as follows. First, the basic statistics of input and output factors to compare and analyze R&D investment, R&D manpower, R&D period, paper, patent, and commercialization status by technology unit are analyzed. Next, DEA models are utilized to derive the overall efficiency, pure technology efficiency, and scale efficiency by conducting the efficiency evaluation for each technology unit, from which implications for strategic budget allocation are derived. In addition, partial efficiency evaluation is conducted to identify advantages and disadvantages of each technology unit. In turn, cluster analysis is performed to identify similar technology units, from which implications for efficiency improvement are derived.

저자의 다른 논문

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