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논문 상세정보

제주 지역 공동육아나눔터 운영 실태 연구

A Study of the Conditions of Cooperative Child-care Places in Jeju Self-Governing Province


Communal places for parents to take child-care are very important in activating cooperative child-care(CCC). Therefore, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has been operating Cooperative-Childcare-Places(CCPs) since 2016. This study analyzed the operational status of the CCPs and presented the model type to provide data for the activation of CCC. Qualitative analyses were applied to the results of interviews with 10 staff members. The common task they considered difficult was recruitment, and there was a big difference in the operation of the regular program depending on the competence of the staff in charge. The lack of support systems, such as education and consulting, has made it difficult for the staff to do their work. Additionly, four models of CCPs were found, a resident self-governing type, a workplace type, an institutional type, and a rural complex type. In conclusion, CCP spaces should be planned and facilities created with a focus on the needs of child-care activities. Second, the role of staff in helping to organize the parents' self-governing committee is crucial. Third, it needs to establish a support system to strengthen the capacity of the staff members.

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