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논문 상세정보

가치사슬분석법에 기초한 농업분야 공유가치창출(CSV) ODA 사례분석 - 베트남 씨감자 생산체계 구축사업

A Case Study on the ODA for Creating Shared Value (CSV) in Agricultural Sector Based on the Value Chain Analysis - Project for Establishment of Seed-Potato Production System in Vietnam -


This is a case study on "the Project for Production Facility and Technical Support of Processed Seed-Potato (2008-2010)" based on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) used to create and plan International development cooperation projects. The project is the earliest model of Creating Shared Value (CSV) in the agricultural sector. For the case analysis, a framework was established to assess the effectiveness and impact of the CSV project based on the main factors of the VCA. As a result of the assessment, project participation by OSI was able to increase the overall utility by developing the Vietnamese potato processing industry and meeting consumer demand. Furthermore, it formed a business model to promote win-win cooperation and upgraded the value chain of the potato industry. In addition, it contributed to the improvement of incomes and the quality of life of farmers and communities by providing technical guidance and purchase of contracts, as well as labor division and cooperation with other activity supporters.

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