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논문 상세정보


High pressure processing (HPP) of foods offers a commercially viable and practical alternative to heat processing by allowing food processors to pasteurize foods at or near room temperature. Pressure in combination with moderate temperature also seems to be a promising approach for producing shelf-stable foods. This paper outlines research needs for further advancement of high pressure processing technology. Kinetic models are needed for describing bacterial inactivation under combined pressure-thermal conditions and for microbial process evaluation. Further, identification of suitable surrogate organisms are needed for use as indicator organisms and for process validation studies. More research is needed to evaluate process uniformity at elevated pressure-thermal conditions to facilitate successful introduction of low-acid shelf-stable foods. Combinations of non-thermal technologies with high pressure could reduce the severity of the process pressure requirement. Likewise, processing equipment requires improvements in reliability and line-speed to compete with heat pasteurization lines. More studies are also needed to document the changes in animal and vegetable tissue and nutrient content during pressure processing, from types of packaging, and from storage.


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