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논문 상세정보

집합주택의 개별적 외부공간의 계획에 대한 연구

A Study on the Individualized Outdoor Space in the Multi-family Housing


The individualized outdoor space in the multi-family housing is a important architectural planning element, which keenly determines housing typology. As well as it is a social sphere, which guarantees user's private activity. The purpose of this study is to understand the historical development of this space and to find out the usable elements for planning and design, those are corresponding to the newly developed housing typology and contemporary concepts of space use. For this end, firstly, various typologies of individualized outdoor space have been effectuating in view of social attribute, position in the building, way of arrangement etc. And then, most possible types are classified in some categories; privatized outdoor space, opened outdoor space to the public, territorialized outdoor space, outdoor space on the building surface, additional outdoor space, internalized outdoor space. Secondly, european examples since industrial revolution era to the 90's have been chronological examined and its prevailing tendency has been interpreted. The individualized outdoor space in the contemporary housing design has some meaningful characteristics with the changes of the time; 1) the back yard exists no more and instead of this, front yard has been privatized or it is often open to the public, 2) instead of courtyard or atrium most intimate small patios on the building surface have been appeared, 3) not only very closed and hidden space but also transparent and opened balconies exist together, 4) it has function as external representation for building design and in many cases it can be transformed according to the user's needs. It is expected that this study will be a helpful guide for architectural planning in this sector.

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