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The increasing industrialization of the world has led to precipitous rise for the demand of petroleum-based fuels. The world is presently confronted with the twin crises of fossil fuel depletion and environmental pollution. The search for alternative fuels, which promise a harmonious correlation with sustainable development, energy conservation, efficiency and environmental preservation, has become highly pronounced at present. Bioenergy is playing an increasingly important role as an alternative and renewable source of energy. Use of bioenergy has several potential environmental advantages. The most important perhaps is the potential reduction in gases emissions from utilizing petroleum fuels in greenhouse. Bioenergy is safer for it is derived from plants that convert carbon dioxide ($CO_2$) into carbohydrates in their growth. Bioenergy includes biogas and liquid bio-fuels derived from crop plants and include solid biomass that could be directly burned. The two most important bio liquid fuels today are bioethanol from fermenting grain, grass, straw or wood, and biodiesel from plant seed oil. The goals of Pro-environment Bioenergy Researches Working Group are to construct stable production and supply system of material crops. Breeding to increase yield are especially emphasized to the point that more crops are grown as source of bio-fuel products. Since production for domestic bioenergy crops is low, goals geared towards cutting down labor cost with maximum productivity are given priority. In line with the national policy decision for research, production of bio-ethanol will focus on selection of indigent species as material crops for mass production. Research will also extend to non-edible biomass type of crops to avoid competition with edible crops.

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