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논문 상세정보


It is very difficult to understand and estimate the heat transfer and flow characteristics in the combustor, which is one of main components in the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), because its flow filed has very complex structure. In this paper, specified is characteristics of injection and flow through different air goles in the liner, which consist of large circular holes film cooling holes, and tangential air swirl holes. The durability of the liner depends on whether the surface of the liner is exposed to the hot gas over 1000 $^{\circ}C$ of a temperature or net. It is proved that the locations of hot spots estimated from the calculation using CFD are matched well with that from the test. In this study, CFD simulations were performed to examine the heat transfer and temperature distributions in and about a liner wall with film cooling on the wall. This computational study is based on the ensemble average continuity, compressible Navier-Stokes, energy, and PDF combustion equations closed by the standard $k-{\varepsilon}$ turbulence model with standard wall functions for the gas phase and the Fourier equations for conduction in the solid phase.

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