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논문 상세정보

한방간호 이론구축을 위한 연구 : Q방법론적 접근

Theory Construction of oriental Nursing : A Q-methodological Approach


It is needed that nursing scholars in Korea should understand the philosophy and perspectives of oriental medicine, and then explore the possiblities of theory building which can be a Korean’s unique nursing theory. With the assumption of this kind of work can be achieved by cooperation of oriental medicine and nursing areas, this study measures the subjectivity -opinions, attitudes, and values-of professional from these two areas. Identifing the schemata(structure of subjectivity) would be a basic step for the strategies and construction of oriental nursing theory. The Q-sorts of 57 professionals were combined into five distinctive factors, namely, Q-types. The five factors were named as follows : Type I, Fundamentalist, consistently insists that the understanding of oriental medicine should be a basic step for the development of oriental nursing model, because ororiental medicine's theories and practices in curing are very unique and different from the western. Type Ⅱ, Pessimist, denies the uniqueness of oriental nursing field and its independency, because of lack of scientific evidences and professionalism. Type Ⅲ, Harmonist, believes the basic concepts in two different medic관 spheres are identical, but, at the same time, accept the uniqueness of the two. They try to propose Korean Nursing Model which accomodates local culture and conventions, and the way of Nurturing Life(Yang-sang), based on the traditional western nursing. Type W. Needy Follower, merely expects the Korean Nursing Model which considers the characteristics of Koreas culture and physical constitution and, thus, is more suitable to them. Some-times, they experience the discontent and conflict when they need more qualitative and culture-oriented nursing interventions. Type V, Alternative Giver, actully clarifies the concept of Oriental Nursing, and provides specific program as a alternative of universal western nursing. Various ways of Nurturing Life (mental, life, and diet Yang-sang) were introduced as a guideline for the specification of the nursing area and its con-tent. Throughout the study, the five different Q-factors were identified, and the concept of Oriental Nursing and aspects of its theory construetion were discussed.

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  1. Lee, Ji-A ; Lee, Hye-Kyung 2011. "Importance and Usability Analysis of the Oriental Nursing Educational Program" 한국간호교육학회지 = The Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education, 17(3): 376~386 


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