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논문 상세정보

인삼제품의 가공현황과 연구 동향

Current Status of processing and Research Trends in Ginseng Products


There are two kinds of commercially available ginseng root, red ginseng and white ginseng processed from fresh ginseng root Those ginsengs are primary product from fresh ginseng root and have the characteristic of keeping their original root shape Processed ginseng products are made from either red ginseng or white ginseng by way of complicated process of pulverization. Extraction. Condensation, fettering, sterilization, etc. Among them there are extracts. extract powder, powder, capsules tablets, Candy, drinks, nectar, jelly, gums. chicken soup. tonic. etc. to meet the demand for consumer's pretheronce . The 200 kinds of processed secondary products are approximately produced in the form of 20 kinds of ginseng products by about 60 domestic companies. In spite of about 213.000 million won of domestic market in 1993. it seems like that the ginseng market of the future has not a good prospects The total market sale of white ginseng in Korea has been continuously decreased since 1991 And 963 tons of white ginseng was consumed in domestic market in 1993 The domestic market sales of white ginseng in origina1 root shave. was 90, 000 million won in 1993 and market price of the fine root used as a source of processed products has not been changed in these ten years. The total market sale of red ginseng and its processed products was 58, 000 million won in 1993 9.800 mi11ion won of red ginseng in original root shape and 48.000mi11ion of processed red ginseng product. Ginseng products such as extracts, drinks, teas and tonics etc atre mostly exported to south-east Asia. And the total exports of ginseng pi.oducts (extracts, drinks teas) decreased to 54 million dollars in 1994, compared with 85 million dollars in 1992. Despite of extensive knowledge about ginseng little is still known about the development of new processed ginseng pl.oducts because of "Know-How". Some papars have presented the effects of extracting method(amounts of solvent. time. temperature, equipment. etc.) on the quality and yields of ginseng extr acts. Also. some researchers have carried out a few studies on the poriflcation of the extracts and the amounts of precipitation in the drink at variotas pH during the storage for preventinly drink from precipitation. A fell studies on the preservation of Korean ginseng powder. tea. Extract powder by irradiation and ozone treatment have been reported by some researcher for the improvement hygienic quality of ginseng products There are also some reports about the effects of ginseng components on the acid production by lactic acid bacteria or acetic acid bacteria. and alcohol production by yeast for the development of new ginseng products processed by fermentation. To make ginseng more able to contribute to the health of mankind in the future. consistent and considerable efforts should be focussed on improving the taste of ginseng and developing various new product as a health food or a function food.tion food.

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