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논문 상세정보

신라통일기 정치적 상황과 복식연구 -흥덕왕 복식금제에 나타난 복식실태를 중심으로

A Study on the Political Situation and Costumes in the Period of King Hungduk in the Silla Dynasty -Focus of King Hungduk′s Prohibition of Clothing-


When the study the costumes of Silla Dynasty, the only well-founded data is shown in the prohibition that is promulgated in the period of King Hungduk. In the prohibition, the social limitation according to the Silla Golpum system is closely described, now it is interesting researchers very much. Any times the promulgation of a ordinance has a proper reason. The ordinance of the period of King Hungduk also has no exceptions. It made a reason clear in the introduction - inaccordance with the social position, the list of articles is used with different, in spite of the strict regulation, the distinction of costumes was in disorder because of the trend of luxury and os we have to make right according to law. Some historian think that the prohibition assumes the character of an political innovation. The prohibition contains an social signification, the items of prohibition did not enumerate simply prohibiton items. Through away of research to analyze the hidden meaning contained in the prohibition, we can see the social phenomenon of Silla Dynasty. And compared with the type of clothing, the kinds of clothing mentioned in prohibiton have changed very much. I believe that we can find out political and social change in prohibition.

이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 1. 전현실, 강순제 2013. "흥덕왕 복식제도 원전 고찰 및 분석" 服飾 = Journal of the Korean Society of Costume, 63(5): 132~150 


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