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논문 상세정보

현행 전국과학전람회의 실태 및 개선방안에 관한 연구

A Study of the Status and Improvements of the National Science Fairs


The National Science Fairs has been held in every year for the promotion of science and technology and scientific civil life. The purpose of this study is to survey the current problems in National Science Fairs by making up a question and to improve them. The study makes up a questionnaires about the existing Science Fairs to the teachers who have submitted their works to the Science Fairs and suggest the ways of improvement. The result of questionnaires is that little availability of reference materials, difficulty of paying proper attention to regular classes because of frequent travels, and absence of experimental devices and experimental rooms are perceived as major obstacles in preparing for the exhibition. Respondents teacher also pointed out some problems with the current organization of the exhibition; non-voluntary selection process for the potential authors, separation of research content from regular teaching materials, unrealistically high standard, low participation rate of teachers, so many exhibited works, lack of professionalism in the screening process. The majority however, agreed that the exhibition event should be continuously done, after remedial measures have been taken about the problems. First, the side of science education is emphasized in a purpose of the science fairs to let activity related to science fair be closely connected with school education. Second, students have to be divided according to grade. Third, research level have to be set not too higher than regular instruction content. Fourth, hand book related to science fairs have to be manufactured and spread. Fifth, data of local science fair have to be arranged. Sixth, judging section have to be subdivided and people related to science education have to be included to a judge. Seventh, excellent works have to be support to participate in ISEF.

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