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논문 상세정보

안채, 사랑채의 재해석을 통한 직주통합형(職住統合型) 주거(住居) 유형(類型) 개발(開發)에 관한 연구(硏究

Development of Houses for Information Society through the Interpretation and Application of the Korean Traditional Houses


Until now, we have a great progress in computer hardwares and computer softwares. Many people think these days as the information time or information society. Even though, we make a great progress in the computer science, we can not regard this society as the information society, if we do not accept the development of computer in our real life. In order to provide desirable residential environment for the information - society, it is necessary to review previous housing projects from the Industrial - Revolution to these days. Thus this study deals with limits of modern housings. This research also suggests a new housing concept for the information - society by reinterpretation of the Korean traditional houses. Use of space in the Korean traditional houses was mostly interpreted by the concept of sexual discrimination from Confucianism. However it is suggested in this study, that An-Chae is a home space for providing privacy of family and Sarang - Chae is a social space for providing social activity. Thus it is found that the Korean traditional house has been used as office as well as home. In this view, it is suggested that Korean traditional houses be the prototype of future house as a business space and also as a home space. In this study, 3 types of housing for the information - society are suggested; flat type, tower type and skip floor type. these houses have two entrances independently for the home space and the social space. Therefore each space has no interference with each other. Then one can do his own at home efficiently. He does not have to go to his office in downtown. One can relieve traffic congestions in the city and reduce air contamination.

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