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논문 상세정보

향유와 꽃향유의 향기성분 조성 비교

The Comparison of Flavor Components Extracted from Elsholtzia ciliata and Elsholtzia splendens


This study was conducted to investigate the composition of flavor components of Elsholtzia ciliata and Eisholtzia splendens in order to obtain basic informations for the application of tobacco and food industry. Flavor components extracted were divided into three fractions ; essential oil, absolute and oleoresin from E. ciliata and E. splendens. Essential oil was extracted by simultaneous steam distillation(SDE), absolute and oleoresin were extracted by $100\%$ n-hexane and $50\%$ ethanol, respectively. Yields of the essential oil, absolute and oleoresin fractions from E. ciliata were $0.34\%,\;11.34\%\;and\;15.24\%,$ and those from E. splendends were $0.28\%,\;12.45\%\;and\;9.95\%$, respectively. The major components of essential oil of E. ciliata were naginata ketone$(29.37\%)$, elsholtzia ketone$(14.37\%)$ and rosefuran$(11.76\%)$. The major components of essential oil of E. splendens were 2-cyclohexen-1-one$(26.81\%)$, elsholtzia ketone$(13.46\%)$ and naginata ketone$(5.26\%).$ The composition of flavor components showed a slight difference between essential oils of E. ciliata and E. splendens. The major components of absolute fraction from E. ciliata were linoleic acid$(12.07\%),$ palmitic acid$(10.46\%)$ and 2-cyclohexene-1-one$(5.39\%).$ And those from E. splendens were linoleic acid$(12.38\%),$ palmitic acid$(9.47\%)$ and naginata ketone$(8.86\%).$ Ethyl linoleolate was a major component in oleoresin of E. ciliata and E. splendens.

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