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논문 상세정보


Acrylamide, difficult to analyze by GC and GC/MS due to the polarity and low volatility, was analyzed by LC/ESI/MS in the study. Acrylamide its(molecular weight 71amu) showed m/z=72 $(M+H)^+$ and high peak intensity at 22V in SIR mode. The mass spectrum ratios of acrylamide for qualitative identification had m/z=72 in precursor ion and m/z=55 in products ion, respectively. Those ratios at 30V in SIR mode ranged from 1: 1.4 to 1:1.17 despite various acrylamide concentrations. The ion intensity ratios of acrylamide $(m/z=72,\; [M+H]^+)$ to acrylamide isotopes $(m/z=73,\;[M+H]^+)$ ranged from 100 : 3.57 to 100 : 3.92. The results verified theoretical mass spectrum ratio that was 100:3.82. The linearity of standard calibration curve was y : 520.584x + 1815.26 with $r^2=0.99.$ In quality assurance and quality control, the recovery rate ranged from 81.64 percent to 90.97 percent and relative standard deviation was less than $10\%$ with 5 repeated injections at individual standard calibration solutions. The method was applied to analyze acrylamide in food at grocery stores. Snacks made of potatoes showed the highest acrylamide concentration followed by products made of French fries, wheat, and corn.

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